Our Story

Our Story

How we got here!

When NEEDEFRESH started back in 1996, the only tree was the TRADITIONAL NORWAY SPRUCE. This was the nations favourite tree becasue it grew widely in Britain and it was easy to find in the natural woodlands that covered many parts of the country. However it dropped it needles quite easily and naturally became quite thin and straggly as it grew. So after a while NORDMAN FIR became much more popular. This tree, which was orignally imported from Denmark, had softer fat needles which didnt drop for the tree as easily as those of NORWAY SPRUCE.

So gradually NEEDLEFRESH GROWERS began to change from growing NORWAY SPRUCE to NORDMAN, and today very few NORWAY SPRUCE are grown on specialist Christmas Tree farms. The growers also started to try growing other interesting varieties of tree so that now today there are a number of different varieties to choose from including NOBLE FIR, BLUE SPRUCE , OMORIKA AND FRASER FIR.

In recent years, as we became more and more concerend about the environment and the impact we are having on our planet, we have started to grow more and more trees in pots, so that the trees can be grown on after the Christmas period. Agian we grow these trees in a number of different varieties, so there is a lot of choice.

So although the NORDMAN FIR is now by far the most popular tree in the UK and is the centre of many Christmas's throughout the country, our growers are increasingly trying to bring you more and more intersting varieties and types of Christmas tree.

We will go on finding exciting new things to grow and improving our growing to ensure we supply the very best trees.

Why don't you join us on our journey by buying a NEEDLEFRESH Christmas tree every year and discover for yourself where it was grown and follow how we develop our trees?